Homeowner fined for hosting cancer benefit

I am a 60-year-old woman with terminal bone cancer that has metastasized into my liver. My days are numbered.

On April 28, I was a guest at the Royal High Tea at Lona Ridge which benefitted the Maui Cancer Wellness Retreats. The tea was a wonderful event with soft violin music and delicious food. We listened to a young doctor who suffered from colorectal cancer and what attending the Wellness Retreat meant to her. We recognized the courage it took to share her experience in front of so many people.

I recently learned that Leona Rocha Wilson, owner of Lona Ridge, is being fined by the County of Maui for hosting the Royal High Tea! She did not benefit from the event, it looked like a lot of work went into making the place ready for the attendees. Mrs. Wilson provided an elegant setting on land that is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.

Something is wrong with this picture. When someone allows the use of her home to help cancer patients, she should not be fined. She should be praised and thanked for her graciousness.

Kathleen Adelson