Writer not interested in defining socialism

The letter writer on April 12 continues to insist that the Nazis were socialists just because they cynically added “Socialist” to their party name to increase their popularity in socialist Germany.

Hitler’s Nazis were about as socialist as Kim Jong Un’s Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is Democratic. The writer claims there are failed socialist societies on every continent. He fails to mention there are also highly successful socialist societies. America is socialist to some degree, and happy about it: Social Security and Medicare are the two most popular federal programs ever.

The definition of “socialism” is nebulous. But the writer is not really interested in defining socialism. He only wants to demonize it. When dullard politicians have no real ideas about how to improve America or to help its people, they find a boogie man to stir up fear over: communism, drugs, immigration, etc. Then they promise that only they can save us from it. It looks like the boogie man this next election cycle is going to be “socialism.”

Richard “Oli” Olson



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