Have we become deaf to the cries of our neighbors?

We need to shift the conversation from sheltering, homeless, street people outreach polls, statistical analysis to what has each one of us done today to make someone’s life better. Maui doesn’t but our neighbor islands provide people showers, toilets, shelter, health care and laundry facilities plus locations to store possessions, receive mail and obtain on-site services. A recent attempt to provide a safe location for overnight car parking resulted in a law against sleeping in one’s car. Why is that?

Why did the government declare those sheltering on private property near the Family Life Center a danger to our community? What was their crime? Being ugly in a pretty place? The moms, dads and children had no other place to live. Was it the man hiding under a tarp, the woman in her van waiting for her husband to return a problem? Who are we? What have we become? Have we become deaf to the cries of our neighbors? Makes me sad.

John Patrick Murphy



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