Hawaii is part of the land of the free

I was in a local bakery and saw a woman berate a visitor to the island just because she was white. It’s hilarious to me that people think racism doesn’t apply to whites but it does. Racism is defined as anyone who berates another because of one’s race, so yes there is racism against whites.

This recent stupidity of check your privilege and apologize for being white is utter nonsense. I will not apologize for whatever a white person did in the past because it didn’t happen in the present, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for whatever atrocity your race committed either.

Hawaii is part of the land of the free. Meaning all of us are equal, whatever racial hatred you have pent up is your problem not mine. Many on this island and in the nation died so that all people are treated equal. If you have any hatred toward another because of their skin, then you might need to check yourself.

Stephen Phillips



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