Science of climate change versus other ways of thinking

Record-setting temperatures in Kahului, in fact, pretty much everywhere. Flooding blocking shipping and crop planting. Increasingly frequent ferocious tornadoes and hurricanes, some headed directly at Maui. Accelerating loss of polar sea ice. Coral bleaching. Shifting jet stream causing crazy weather. Much more evidence, visible to anybody with open eyes, that the climate is going bonkers, getting worse with each passing year. It threatens pretty much everything we depend on. The costs are already staggering.

Scientists predicted it decades ago. Their predictions were spot on. They told us what was going to happen, why it was happening, and how to prevent it.

But some didn’t listen, convinced otherwise by the wise sages of talk radio and Fox News, whose main qualification is attracting audiences by saying, loudly, what people want to hear. Those people voted for the political party that rejects science. Despite science’s track record — curing polio, giving us air travel and computers and global communications, replacing human organs, etc., etc., etc. — it challenges preconceived notions and makes wealthy people worry that they might not get to keep all the money. Science and scientists are far from perfect, but over time, science aligns with reality, which is rarely true of other ways of thinking.

So, go ahead and believe the talking heads if you must, but your opposition to aggressive action against climate change puts you on the wrong side of history. The dark side.

Mitch Bradley