Trump administration is far from deadbeat

The writer of “Donnie Deadbeat” (Letters, May 24) I suspect watches too much CNN. Let me correct a few things.

First off, the president golfs less than Obama ever did and the first lady doesn’t use our tax dollars to take the family shopping like the last one did often. Secondly, for someone I suspect voted for Bill Clinton, he just glossed right over his actual draft dodging to the UK. Lastly, you know the man spoke of his losses every week on the TV show, “The Apprentice.” This is not news. As for the wannabe king, I suggest brushing up on the history of FDR and Wilson.

Here are a list of accomplishments from the previous four months. USCMA replaces NAFTA, First Step Act, Danny Burch was freed, ISIS obliterated, land/water conservation fund, 3.2 GDP, unemployment under 4 percent, defense against EMP attacks, $13.5 million homeless vet program, sanctions against Russia and Iran.

A small list of the accomplishments of an administration that’s far from a deadbeat. Knowledge is power.

Stephen Phillips



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