Trump’s adoration of tyrants should horrify

Donald Trump loves North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, a man who has committed atrocities against his own family, the North Korean people and all of humanity. Kim is a murderous arch-fiend, and his biggest fan is Donald Trump. Trump himself said he and Kim “fell in love.”

When Trump tweeted on March 22 he was lifting sanctions on North Korea, White House press secretary and utterly despicable human being Sarah Sanders said, “President Trump likes Chairman Kim and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary.”

Trump’s adoration of murderous tyrants like Kim should horrify all Americans, but Trump supporters couldn’t care less. That says a lot about them. I no longer pretend to have political differences with Donald Trump supporters. Trump is a monster in his own right for openly admiring and supporting diabolical dictators, instead of condemning them in the strongest terms possible.

Trump is utterly unfit for the office of president — morally, intellectually, temperamentally, and every other way. Those who support Trump by extension approve of Kim Jong Un and other murderous despots Trump admires, like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte. Trump supporters willingly discard allegiance to every human rights value this country has stood for since its founding.

I urge Trump supporters to retire to North Korea, Russia, the Philippines or other countries ruled by bloodthirsty autocrats whom Donald Trump loves, and whose despotic rule he tries to emulate here. Tweet us how you like your new homeland.

Jerome Kellner



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