Controversy symptom of victim mentality pushed by left wing

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kapernick is offended by the first USA flag, lovingly called the “Betsy Ross Flag.” Kapernick asked his million-dollar sponsor, Nike, to stop selling their newest basketball shoe because there was a tiny Betsy Ross flag on it, and the former football hero claimed this tiny Betsy Ross flag made him feel uncomfortable because some members of the Patriot Movement proudly display it and wave it at parades and marches. Kapernick claims our first flag is now a symbol of hate against black Americans.

This is the same victim mentality that is pushed by left-wing Democratic socialists, campaigning for votes by offering reparations to blacks, with free medical care, free college tuition and a guaranteed basic income of $10,000 for everyone else.

Kapernick actually did some good, as millions of Americans are right now ordering and flying the Betsy Ross flag proudly and respectfully.

Mark Smith