County reduces the use of glyphosate products

On July 5, The Maui News Opinion page had an item written by Mayor Michael Victorino. The “Our County” column went into detail about the environmental issues that Maui County is making progress with. There was a lot of good information and one thing really caught my eye. Our county is reducing the use of glyphosate products, otherwise known as Roundup.

The mayor goes into great detail about some of the changes that are helping the process along. It seems we have come a long way from a few years ago when this issue was generally regarded as a nonstarter. Reduce or eliminate glyphosate? No way! Now, the goal is total elimination by 2021 and there will be no procurement in the parks department starting this fiscal year, which started July 1.

This is wonderful news and Maui County deserves credit for these efforts. I know it’s not easy, I tried it when I was with state highways. State DOT has returned to general, or perhaps limited, use of Roundup along our highways. Maybe it’s time for state DOT Highways to look for answers again, on all islands.

Great job, Maui County!

Stephen Rodgers