Random thoughts regarding current events in America

If you love America and patriotism, you shouldn’t buy Nike.

Megan Rapinoe, a knee-taking leftist who disrespects the flag and the White House for supposed “oppression.”

Want to repeat the 2008 housing crisis? Elect Kamala Harris president. She advocates a 100 million dollar giveaway to help “African Americans Only” buy homes.

All of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates want to forgive all college student debt. Taxpayers would be asked to pay it all.

Two thirds of taxpayers didn’t go to college, yet the Democrats want them to pay for those that did. Also, people who did pay will pay for those who didn’t. College costs have risen 1,375 percent since 1978, four times the rate of inflation. Only half of those that start college graduate, and 4 in 10 graduates have jobs that don’t require a degree.

More leftist intimidation as Democratic leaders and candidates continue pushing a voter suppression narrative. Here are the real numbers on the issue: 2016 Gallop poll: Voter ID laws were supported by 4 of 5 respondents, 95 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of whites and 77 percent non-whites.

How could anyone vote for any of the 21 Democratic candidates?

Medicare for all, $3.2 trillion a year.

Forgive college debt, $1.6 trillion.

Plus trillions more per year in additional spending.

America’s annual GDP is $3.3 trillion, current annual spending $4.1 trillion. And before you say it, there aren’t enough rich people to deal with it.

Bill Botts