Ross Perot sounded alarm about US debt

When Ross Perot, a 1992 independent presidential candidate against then-Gov. Bill Clinton died July 9, I recalled my stint as his communications director in Arkansas.

I never thought I would work for a Republican-turned-Independent in 1991. But I was determined to defeat Clinton.

As a reporter at the Arkansas Democrat in 1989, I uncovered racism at Clinton’s doorstep. That’s another story.

Remember: Ross Perot stood for something in 1992. He knew the country’s national security was at stake. The now $30 trillion U.S. debt was about $18 trillion in 1989.

Perot was a “real” businessman. President Trump claims to be the same. But he says little about our out-of-control debt (to the bankers’ delight).

Is our president a fake about the country’s debt? Perot would probably say “Yes!”

Thank you for your service, Mr. Perot.

Three decades ago, you were trying to do the impossible. It was a time when national politics were burning down.

Steven Craig Hildebrand