Actions of the right have helped divide this country

Regarding the letter of Aug. 17: Really, you think the left has started the division of this country is entrenched in?

The right seems to have a memory of a child. They seem not to be able to remember what they said last month, i.e., Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya. This was even alluded to when a birth certificate was produced. There was also the burning in effigy of Obama at “Tea-Bagger” rallies.

When Donnie descended the escalator he divided this country by saying Mexicans were rapists, murderers and were invading our country when in actuality there were more Latinos leaving than entering this country and all Muslims were terrorists and needed to be banned from entering this country.

Then he supports Joe Moore. Remember him? He was accused of inappropriate behavior with young girls. And now there’s his relationship with Jeffery Epstein, plus his women accusers, over 20. And you think that the left is dividing this country? Really?

James Hoover



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