Climate change facts backed by majority of climatologists

It always amazes me how people will take the word of someone just because it aligns with their beliefs when the facts don’t support that opinion. Plankton and trees do absorb CO2 but not in the quantities we are putting into the atmosphere.

Again, 98 percent of scientists who study climate agree that humans are the culprits who are contributing to global warming. To believe the 2 percent without question is like calling an apprentice plumber to work on replacing your plumbing in your house.

I’m not a climatologist but I will believe a majority of these people who know what they are talking about. You do know that more than 40 years ago Exxon knew about climate change. This was revealed by the scientist that they had employed to do a study 40 years ago. Exxon has been lying ever since just because they were too greedy and the bottom line meant more to them than the people of the world.

The year 2030 is not that far away. Are you willing to let your children starve to death, a long slow agonizing death, just so the oil companies can squeeze out a few billion more dollars to line their pockets now?

James Hoover