Dopey Joe is as electable as was Hillary Clinton

Democratic leaders are about to repeat the mistake of 2016. We have begun to hear excuses for a weak status quo candidate. But we need and we want someone who stands for necessary change.

We are told that there are certainly better policies being offered by other candidates, and Joe Biden is certainly not perfect. However, Joe is “electable.” As if he is the only one. But the polls tell us that several other candidates presently lead the president.

Putting Joe Biden in the ring with Trump would be like putting a doddering old fool in the ring with a 22-year-old Mike Tyson.

Even when Joe was young, he was no bright light.

How is it possible for one to grow so old and still have a mind filled with thoughtforms that were old and useless when he first adopted them?

The man is pale, tired, he looks cosmetically stupid and believes himself to be sprinkled with fairy dust.

So daffy has he been, that his team has decided to play “prevent defense.” In other words, limit exposure and hold the lead.

Has he not told us that he’s for the middle way, and that one can expect no fundamental changes? Besides embarrassing all of us old folks, he has simply co-opted the ideas and policies of others and modified them for the worse.

Dopey Joe is as electable as was Hillary Clinton. Capisce?

Raphael O’Suna



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