History of movies series on TV sparks memories

There is a good series on the history of movies running now on television. It made me think of what it was like in the late ’40s and ’50s.

As little kids we used to go bonkers yelling and screaming when the cartoons came on — especially “Mighty Mouse” who always came to save the day!

We also were given some short subjects of national news.

When I was a teenager near Memphis, Elvis came on the scene. I think it was his second movie that had his really rocking music. I was at the theater with a bunch of teenagers. I am not sure if this happened elsewhere, but the teens there could not stay in their seats and control themselves. Spontaneously, dozens of couples jumped out of their seats and started bopping in the aisles as soon as one of the songs started. It was electric!

We also had the movie of “King Kong” come to town and to make that experience more exciting the theater advertised that Kong would be there in a cage. Well, they rolled him out at the end of the show and he got so violent that he broke open the cage and was free to wreck havoc.

Well, that was not exciting enough, I suppose, so the theater lights just happened to go out, causing a little buddy of mine to cower under the seats to keep from getting trampled by a herd of panicking adults! Somehow, all survived, but — yikes!

Jim Killett



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