Hospital employees have no one to fight/bargain for them

Someone is finally speaking up regarding our hospitals!

I believe in unions. Unions remember your members. Members, families and friends, remember who voted to give our Maui County hospitals to a private for-profit entity due to poor state management. Is this private entity doing better for you? They still get millions from the state. They make aesthetic changes but there is no longer “aloha.”

After two years employees have no one to fight/bargain for them. The attitude of this entity is, if you don’t like it, you can leave, we will hire contract workers to do your jobs. I have never seen morale so low.

It’s been two years, are the CNAs, housekeepers, maintenance and dietary workers any closer to getting union representation? Are these departments going to be contracted out to private companies, such as the maintenance department at Kula Hospital?

The staff say they are given a number to call if they have a problem, but they have no faith that their concerns will be resolved in a timely manner, if ever.

They need help!

Natalie Kaho’ohanohano



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