Understand your role in the making of Hawaiian history

Are you an ally? Are you supporting Hawaiians in this historic time of awakening and restoration of their lahui? Did you attend the Kapu Aloha March, donate money to Pu’uhuluhulu, or miles to offset travel expenses for kia’i? Have you educated yourself about the history of the overthrow in 1893 and why this stand is essential; because if not, you need to.

This is not your place: to move to, retire in, vacation, buy a second house, surf carefree, hide in the jungle, trespass on private land to get to waterfalls, write comments about building highways across maunas, tell kanaka maoli what is sacred. You live on stolen land and borrowed time.

We need to acknowledge that and become an ally supporting justice for kanaka maoli. We need to educate ourselves about the overthrow and the dismantling of this culture and people through continued military occupation and political coercion. This has led to the destruction of kanaka maoli’s way of life, their language, all taken away until the ’70s when the Hawaiian Renaissance began and activists took back Kaho’olawe from the military. Now is the time for the lahui to gain control over their lands and waters and restore their rightful status as a nation.

If you aren’t participating, then what are you doing here? I ask myself, which is why I support sovereignty with actions. And do not celebrate the fake state Hawaii on Aug. 16. Be an ally. You are needed. #seeyouonthemauna.

Sierra Knight



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