A reasonable compromise suggested regarding TMT

The TMT developers have the legal right to build their telescope. Likewise, those opposed to the project have the right to express their objections to TMT on spiritual grounds.

A reasonable compromise can be achieved if both of the parties consider the following suggestions to bring about a win-win result. The developers dedicate the project to honor and recognize the great contributions that the Polynesian people made in utilizing astronomy to navigate the Pacific Ocean and settle in Hawaii. To memorialize this great accomplishment, the observatory be named after the appropriate god chosen by the protesters. Additionally, some land adjacent to TMT be dedicated as “sacred ground” upon which a heiau and other appropriate religious structures can be built to acknowledge the sacred nature of the mountain upon which TKT is built.

Additionally, at the foot of Mauna Kea the State of Hawaii and the TMT consortium build a world-class museum that tells the story of the brave Polynesian seafaring people. Incorporated as part of the museum, a planetarium be built to help people better understand our universe and to show them the role that telescopes, like the TMT, are contributing to help us obtain as much information and knowledge as we can about “What’s out there?”

Finally, the crown for this outstanding and unique museum would be the world famous Hokulea for accomplishing a feat that has gone down in history as just awesome and unbelievable.

William Kinaka



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