Businesses need to reach out to homeless

The anger and increase in homelessness has caused much fear and illnesses, as told by a government employee. He mentioned this problem as we waited in line for our lunch. He discussed the need for rehabilitation centers for those who have been victims of mental health and trauma, just to mention a few illnesses. Who and what businesses will offer their property to provide such safe and clean centers?

I shared how I had volunteered in care homes, hospitals, jails and even the Police Department as far back as 1984 till now. We prayed and agreed we will do what we can, feeling positive others will do the same to clean up our streets and provide shelters and healing centers.

We welcome volunteers to the MEO center on Sept. 19 at 5 p.m., Room 2, to meet your in-kind neighbors and to assist those who are re-entering the community.

Henrietta Pua Hashimoto



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