The age of selfishness is here

There are examples everywhere: reasonable gun laws cannot get past NRA lobbying because Second Amendment defenders scream, “You are not taking away my right to own a weapon of mass destruction! Who cares if your toddlers are slaughtered by the score? We’re talking about my rights here!”

Asylum-seekers are treated cruelly, even allowed to die, to “discourage” them from fleeing violence and poverty. Lame-brained, heartless and ineffective, but growing, not shrinking. Half of Britain wants to wall itself off from the rest of the European Union over issues of “sovereignty.” Stupid, self-inflicted economic ruin. Putin must be grinning!

Brazil’s leader Bolsonaro, putting his country first, encourages farmers to burn Amazon rainforest to raise cattle and promote their own economy. To hell with those meddling “colonialists” who complain they just want to breathe.

Self-destructive Hawaiians block access to telescopes that could provide knowledge, perhaps crucial, perhaps civilization-saving, who knows? to all of humanity. Misdirected passion led by folks whose gaze is so fixed on the past they cannot see the future.

The Age of Selfishness is here, ushered in and modeled by our very own King of Selfishness. The shameful legacy of Donnie J. Trump.

Richard “Oli” Olson Haikui


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