UH-MC students are in need of dorms

My heart weighs heavy for our future generations who recently graduated and want to pursue an education on Maui at the University of Hawaii Maui College. There are no dorms available onsite, forcing students to seek somewhere else for boarding. The prices for a simple studio or apartment on Maui is ridiculous, and who can afford $1,000 to $7,000 a month to get a degree. It is a rip-off to students and they simply deserve better.

There are old dorms that have not been in use for years. Why have they not been renovated for these students? Shame that The Waterfront Apartments across of Kaahumanu Avenue is now open to not just students, but families, creating such a hazard and unsafe environment for innocent students who just need a safe place to board. Druggies, violence and many other activities take place. It is not safe for our students. Who created this bright idea?

I remain hopeful that somebody wise from UH-Maui College would wake up and implement a greater idea that would truly benefit our college students at-large. I know, because as a grandparent from Hana with a student attending college, my grandchild should not be driving 114 miles round trip from Hana for a two-hour class session. Come on UH, we can do so much better than this. You will lose a huge enrollment if you don’t malama your students better.

Lehua Cosma



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