Pursuit of truth not required when reporting at Fox News

Journalists come from all over the country. They go to colleges in all parts of the country. They are taught to seek the truth, and to hold those in authority accountable. They work for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, etc. They work at the major newspapers and magazines. Their job as journalists is to pursue the truth and hold those in power accountable.

On the other side you have Fox News opinions. The Fox opinions are regular advisers to President Trump. The opinions can be found on the stage of Trump rallies. The opinions can also be found on Trump trips, such as to North Korea to visit Kim Jong Un.

Numerous Fox News channel employees have gone on to work for Trump and the White House. The more pro-Trump they appeared on Fox, the more likely they would be hired by Trump. And Fox News-Trump being a two-way street, numerous former Trump White House employees left for jobs at Fox News.

The opinions at Fox don’t have to seek the truth but give their pro-Trump views. They are the Trump guardians. He is the victim to any and all who try to hold him accountable. They will promote conspiracy theories, along with misinformation to cloud the true picture. With their propagandistic opinions favoring Trump, truth-telling and facts are left out.

Daniel O’Brien



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