Russia grooming Gabbard appalling smear by Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s smear of decorated war veteran Tulsi Gabbard as being groomed by the Russians is appalling! Also shocking is her depiction of 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as a Russian asset whose third-party candidacy led to her defeat by Donald Trump. The more likely reason for Hillary’s loss is that Americans perceived her as “the queen of warmongers,” as Tulsi accurately describes.

Hillary is fond of conspiracy theories and to me, she lost all credibility when she initially called the publicity of the Monica Lewinsky affair “a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

If there was or is any Russian interference in U.S. elections, logically it would be to the benefit of the Democrats. Since Russia is a socialist country, the Russians are ideologically aligned with the socialists in the Democratic Party rather than the capitalist, free-market Republicans and Libertarians.

Ben K. Azman



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