Critics of fossil fuel don’t get big picture

I just read the article about suing the fossil fuel companies written by our mayor (“Our County,” Opinion, Nov. 2). I must admit, I’m now questioning my vote.

All I can think about is Thomas Sowell and his book “Applied Economics.” One of the themes of the book, “Stage One Thinking,” has influenced my thinking for years. “Stage One Thinking” is the immediate result of an action, without determining what happens next.

For our mayor and most politicians, it’s never think beyond the next election.

I don’t think very many people have any idea how fossil fuel has made their life as good as it is. For the next paragraph I’ll list a few of the things you would do without if municipalities and environmentalists sued the fossil fuel industry into oblivion. Make no mistake, my fellow citizens, crushing that industry is their ultimate goal.

Let’s start with plastic, synthetic rubber products and everything made from them. I challenge you to stop reading for a minute and look around your home, without just these two, there’s not much left. This also applies to all of the world outside your home.

Here are a couple of five-minute videos that might help everyone look at the big picture. PragerU.com, “Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel” and “Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?”

I’ll know the mayor, other elected officials, environmentalists and all those who truly believe this “existential threat nonsense” are serious when they start promoting vast amounts of nuclear and hydroelectric power.

Bill Botts



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