Joe Biden unable to think clearly due to brain injury?

Clearly, Joe Biden lacks energy or vitality. There are times when he looks more like ash than tobacco. As for his inability to think logically, tactfully and in direct response to his interlocutor, might this be a result of two brain aneurysms suffered by the man? I, for one, am concerned that the brain surgery may have left his brain a poor transmitter of thought.

As many of us realize, brain is not mind and neither is consciousness. An injury to one’s brain may narrow or diminish one’s consciousness, as well as interfere with one’s thought. Is there not the appearance of a flickering light, when one observes Joe in tense or unexpected situations?

Brain injuries may immediately or over time diminish one’s perceptibility, and slow the speed with which one thinks, acts, perceives, wills or feels.

From below Joe’s surface consciousness, I notice scant relevant commentary, conviction, policy, sense of destiny or capacity, regarding the world’s present condition and what he must represent. A damaged brain grows anxious over the past, not keen about the future.

A fully alert and sensible person would understand that one’s past record is not favorable to his present ambition. He has been a mouthpiece for anti-social corporations and policies. His family has been involved in opportunistic activities. His brother was a lobbyist for the tobacco industry.

This is not a man for a troubled world. This is a troubled man who never really reflected on his actions and thoughts.

Raphael O’Suna



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