MMMC hospital still offering ‘junk’ care

Based on personal experience and stories from others, Kaiser’s Maui Memorial Medical Center is still providing us with junk heath care, especially when compared to Oahu hospitals. The blame rests squarely on Kaiser’s MMMC management and the people who let Kaiser take control of Maui’s only hospital. We’ve all heard the horror stories from MMMC, but they become very real when you almost die there.

I went to MMMC for a “routine,” nonsurgical ERCP to remove a stone from my pancreatic duct. After almost dying of acute kidney failure in the ICU, I left MMMC being kept alive by kidney dialysis and with other serious medical problems I never had before and had nothing to do with my pancreatic duct.

A month after my discharge from MMMC, I went to Pali Momi Hospital on Oahu for the same ERCP procedure. They found and removed a large stone (13 mm) that MMMC somehow missed, which was the start of the series of events that led to my kidney failure there. There were no complications at Pali Momi, I didn’t almost die, and went home the next day.

Why was Pali Momi’s staff and equipment so much better? Why do Maui people have to fly to Oahu to make sure they don’t die from simple medical treatment? We were led to believe that Kaiser running Maui Memorial would change things. It hasn’t; even Kaiser still sends its patients to their hospital on Oahu.

Sanford Hill



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