Rules for journalists are not being followed

A book entitled “Newspaper Writing and Editing” by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer, circa 1913, wrote 11 rules for a journalist to be successful.

Remember that whatever you write will be read by thousands. Don’t forget your story or headline helps to influence public opinion. Realize that every mistake you make hurts someone. Don’t embroider facts with fancy; “truth is stranger than fiction.” Don’t try to make cleverness a substitute for the truth. Remember that all faking is lying. Refer all requests to “keep it out of the paper” to those in higher authority. Stand firm for what your conscience tells you is right. Sacrifice your position, if need be, rather than your principles. See the bright side of life; don’t be pessimistic or cynical. Seek to know the truth and endeavor to make the truth prevail.

If these eleven rules were used today, almost all of the mainstream journalists would be fired, and this Russia now Ukraine hoax would have died a long time ago.

Stephen Phillips



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