Snakes in Dem woodpile to divert primary vote

There are at least three obvious snakes in the Democratic primary. The records on race of Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg are clear, misguided, prejudicial and ignorant. Their records on cozying up to the corporate and wealthy class of donors is obvious. (Bloomberg needs no donors. He is primarily a red herring, misdirecting votes.)

Biden is a lost soul. He doesn’t know who he was; who he is; or what he stands for.

Bloomberg has been everything, opportunistically changing policies to fit the position sought.

Buttigieg is the darling of the media, the establishment Democrats and people frightened by the propaganda of mainstream media.

The reason why milquetoast candidates are being pushed forward by people with substantial incomes — talking heads, corporate representatives and the old guard Democrat — is simple. The purpose is to dilute the primary vote. If no one reaches the magic number on the first ballot, more than 500 “superdelegates” get to vote. These toadies represent the past and are in debt to those most fearful of change.

Why would Nancy Pelosi, who is worth more than $100 million, seek change? When she speaks of change, she refers to 30-year-old signs gathering dust in her basement. Or to cosmetic surgery.

The Progressives — People’s Party — needs to call itself the party of Franklin Roosevelt. Progressives are Social Democrats, not Democratic Socialists.

Raphael O’Suna



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