MAGA characterization has support underground

A Jan. 3 letter writer said he did not see a lot of MAGA hats in Maui. Then he said something about “cowards.” Honestly, the letter was jibberish.

The apparent lack of demonstrable Trump support could be because we do not wish to be spit upon, yelled at, physically attacked or shunned by the intolerant left. We do not want to have our tires slashed or houses firebombed by those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. We prefer to practice self-censorship as was done in East Germany and behind the Iron Curtain until about 1989.

Democrats should learn that you don’t change the hearts and minds of people by shutting them up. All you do is drive them underground. You’re about to get four more years. I hope everyone takes their meds.

Steven Smith



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