Unhappy with bus accident in Lahaina

Waited recently at Maalaea Harbor for the 6:55 p.m. into Lahaina into the Wharf, which that bus was 20 minutes late. Then getting into the Lahaina Wharf late, and again missing the transfer to the north on the No. 28.

Then, when the 7:30 left the Wharf, the driver got to the corner of Front Street off of Prison and did not stop at the stop sign, which was pointed out to her! Then, getting to the corner of Front Street and Papalaua, turning the rear end of the bus into a parked car on the corner of Papalaua Street.

Myself not injured, sitting in the area of the hit in front of the back wheel well. She should have never made that turn. She should have been trained to be intuitive enough not to make a turn like that in that area — doesn’t matter if the car was illegally parked or not! Police response time was almost 30 minutes. Was she drug tested? Trust in the Maui bus system — not!

Leo Thiner-Brickey



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