4th of July Makawao Rodeo shut down by landlord

After 64 years, the annual Fourth of July beloved Makawao Rodeo will no longer be something to look forward to as Maui’s largest Upcountry event hosted by the Maui Roping Club Inc.

A ranching company family has made the decision to terminate an extension of a licensing lease agreement to the Maui Roping Club Inc., which is paving the way for a small handful of individuals trying to seek to capitalize on Maui Roping Club’s popular reputation, calling the replacement event a “Stampede,” with promotions on social media portraying it as a “Mainland-Style” rodeo alternative.

The Maui Roping Club has leased the land underneath the rodeo grounds for over 60 years.

The club is one of Hawaii’s longest standing organizations since statehood, and it puts on the largest rodeo in the state of Hawaii, celebrating Independence Day for the community, attracting families and fans from all over the world because of its authentic feel.

The club’s membership is comprised of elderly and young Hawaiian paniolo, with roots since the Hawaiian Kingdom era, as well as decorated military-veteran cowboys.

The community is in complete shock from this recent development.

For over six decades, the Maui Roping Club has been the heart and soul creating Hawaii’s most beloved cultural commercial event.

The abrupt and unprofessional nature of terminating the club without aloha has pitted many Hawaiians and locals against a small handful of individuals. This disheartening approach by the ranching company will be remembered for generations to come.

Patricia Atay



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