90-year-old seeing return of Hitler’s soul

The soul of Adolf Hitler is back with us. Now on the brink of 90 years old, I can say I have been around back in the evil one’s forming. The new one forming, Donald Trump, is well on his way to crush America as Hitler did in Germany. One more term by that Satanic entity, and America is finished as we love it. Be aware, there is a civilian army of white-skinned armed men, long awaiting the call to do their job of establishing the latest fascist horror. Trump has been clear about his desires. I urge you, forget about the loonies on Fox News. They are the demon’s mouthpiece. As late as today, there are many programs on TV that do carry much of the frightening news about the growth of the evil one. There are plenty of books in the libraries. Please, we must create our defense now.

Pippo Schillaci



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