Public hearing warranted on planned road closure

We understand there is a plan in place this year to completely close down, 24/7, a segment of South Kihei Road in North Kihei for a projected two months. Apparently, this is connected with the timeshare project under construction at the old Maui Lu resort, and the road would be closed between Kaonoulu and Ohukai. We have heard no official announcement offered by anyone, but we did get confirmation of such a plan from county Public Works Department.

We believe minimally the developer should offer our community a public meeting at a convenient time and location to explain why this complete closure is necessary, what alternatives have been considered (like a temporary roadway on their site ), when they plan to do this, what mitigation they offer and more. To withhold information from our community for such an endeavor is unreasonable.

The community already has an unfavorable view of Capbridge Pacific in their first attempt on Maui in part because they still plan part of their project on makai South Kihei Road, in spite of sea level rise projections. It is not enough to fall back on permission granted well over a decade ago before this phenomenon was realized. Now the facts are clear. To continue to proceed in spite of this knowledge makes no sense on any level.

Now we have this proposed extended road closure upcoming. Is this the best they can do?

Mike Moran, president

Kihei Community Association


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