Police chief priorities skewed, new chief needed

Thank you, Buck Joiner, for telling it like it is! We need a new police chief, one that’s here to protect our community and not destroy it.

I can’t believe in this day and age we send police officers out to entrap citizens for a victimless crime of two consenting adults.

We have unsolved murders on Maui. We have rape victims whose cases aren’t being solved and the police department is going out doing entrapments. Are they insane?

I am a single old man like Buck Joiner. I’ve given over 10 gallons of blood to the blood bank. I’ve given thousands and thousands of pounds of food to the food bank and meals on wheels, and I don’t have a right to get a little affection if I like it. What is wrong with our controlling society? We need a new police chief.

Peter Sisco



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