2020 election will be referendum on reality

Once a day, I get a spam piece offering me access to “Trump Care.” Sometimes the message makes me laugh, but it also makes me wonder about the people who can buy the message that Donald Trump cares about them.

Never Trumpers like myself often feel like we are living on a different planet than hard-core Trump supporters. More often than not, the two sides are often operating from two totally different sets of facts. What makes these guys so loyal to someone like Trump?

A March 2020, The Atlantic magazine article: “The 2020 Disinformation War,” by McKay Coppins, helps answer that question. In her 10-page essay on Trump’s disinformation infrastructure, she explains how Trumpers are constantly being fed messages to back him. As Trump himself put it: “What you are seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

What makes the two realities possible is that the two sides get their information from very different places. Just 11 percent of “strong Trump supporters trust the mainstream media and 91 percent turn to the president for accurate information,” Coppins said. Give you chills?

Coppins got in close to the Trump program and found it to be powerful, that the constant drip of propaganda had the power to corrode what she objectively knew to be true. And then there is propaganda network, Fox News.

That’s what the whole Ukrainian shibai was about: the creation of another piece of an alternative reality. Like Trump Care.

Dave DeLeon



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