Interisland travel restrictions ludicrous

The idea of a quarantine for all interisland travel is stupid.

The exceptions to the policy make the policy totally ineffective.

A better policy would be to require all travelers to wear a mask, not the N95, which shouldn’t even be on store shelves right now, but any other kind of mask (even homemade).

If the concern is someone spreading the virus, then masks are very effective at preventing the spread from someone infected who doesn’t know they are infected, according to the CDC. Anyone who is sick or knows they are infected should not be out of their house anyway.

Virtually halting interisland flights means crew layoffs and recurring flight crew qualifications will lapse. That will make it more difficult to restart service in the future because of the time it takes to requalify flight crews.

Yes, this virus is serious. Yes, we need to take action to reduce the infection rate. No, we cannot stop the virus now.

But ineffective, shortsighted policies are not the answer. Most casual interisland travel has stopped, but people do have legitimate reasons to still travel interisland. Make reasonable policies, not knee-jerk reactions.

Kevin Bridges



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