Wearing masks better than nothing at all

We are currently engaged in mitigation efforts to slow the spread of SARS CoV-2 which leads to COVID-19. We should be engaging in suppression. Everyone should be tested and those who come up positive should be quarantined and their contacts traced.

Everyone should be wearing a mask. Those who spread the virus unknowingly and those who may contract it from others.

Masks do not increase the spread of the virus. Any mask is better than none at all. Homemade masks can reduce the spread, while following government advice to avoid its use protects no one.

Anyone can make a mask without sewing with a bandana or neckerchief (a triangular piece of cloth). Tie it around your head, over your nose, with a knot at the back of your neck. Slip a slide on the bottom end to cinch it up to your chin. Use a rubber band if you have no neckerchief slide.

China had about 85,000 cases with 3,505 deaths. They are effectively recovering. We are far past these numbers and are now projecting 240,000 deaths. Our federal government is failing in this war against the virus. At 240,000 casualties, the president should be fired.

Wayne Noboru Hedani



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