Officials planning to set up vote by mail in November?

I would like to ask if our elected officials are planning to set up a vote by mail in November?

I am not willing to “go vote” if this virus is still active to any degree and because the response has been so very pitiful, I don’t have any hope this will be over by November.

There is time to set up voting by mail, so begin now. I cherish my right to vote, so take hold and set it up.

With how poorly the government has reacted, I’d like to know if our Hawaii officials are doing anything.

I’d also like to know if our medical professionals are going to have enough PPE to protect them so they remain healthy and can then care for our sick. What amount of supplies will be available to them? And how are we doing on ventilators? Do they work? How many do we have?

It’s time to hear what we have on Maui and how we plan to handle it when the virus shoots up, as we now know it will.

So to our officials: We voted you in, so we want to know, what are you doing to protect our people?

We are tired of the president’s lies and the amazingly weak response our government has made so far.

Trump did nothing and Americans died.

“Making America Great Again.” Right?

I’m not feeling so “great” right now. How about you?

Julie Simonson



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