Police officers true heroes in my heart

I offer a sincere, heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation to the thousands of incredible men and women who serve in law enforcement across our country.

The developments over these past few weeks with rioting, looting and senseless violence have both shocked and frightened me. Of all the crazy ongoing occurrences, such as taking over portions of cities as in Seattle and the burning and looting of uninvolved neighborhood businesses, none seems more ludicrous than the call for defunding and dismantling police departments.

Of course, we have an element of bad individuals in a number of police departments. We also have an overwhelmingly positive, dependable, dedicated and courageous significant majority of 90-95 percent in nearly every precinct or department.

This vilification of the many, many brave men and women who have taken on law enforcement as a career is unconscionable and embarrassing. It seems all of the press and news media focuses on the anarchist burning, pillaging and calling for defunding and dismantling police departments.

To all of you who are in law enforcement, please know that many of the citizens of this country appreciate your commitment and dedication. We thank you for putting yourselves in harm’s way to protect and serve. Doing your job as police officers for mediocre pay and literally no thanks while now having to take on the insults, attacks and added danger each day makes you true heroes in my heart. Thank you.

Mike Kelley



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