Communists are here, controlling news media

Wake up Americans. The communists are here.   

They are living amongst us and they are trying to take away our individual freedoms.

The proponents of this takeover is the Democratic Party. They have begun by controlling and directing the nation’s news media.   

The media at the direction of the party practices censorship by refusing to publicize articles that do not conform to party lines.   

Conversely, they create fake news when it comes to besmirching and condemning the Republican Party.   

That is why public surveys show that the news media has limited credibility and lacks truthfulness in their reporting. At the time of the Founding Fathers, the press was considered the conscience of the people. That is why freedom of the press is protected under The First Amendment of the Constitution.

However, it is no longer the people’s conscience. Karl Marx, author of the “Communist Manifesto” and the Socialist and Communists concepts, stated that they were one in the same.   

So, whenever you hear the Democratic Party speak about socialist ideals, they are speaking about communism. The party uses the term socialism because it is not threatening as the term communism. Do not be fooled. They are bent on power by enslaving the populace. This November make your vote count towards continued freedom.

Abelardo Corella



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