Free thinkers lead way to a new economy

Do you still work “bankers’ hours” or have you made the shift to doing what you love? Many entrepreneurs have. Do you jump for joy at pau hana time or might you work at almost any time?

The first group of people can’t wait until aloha Friday comes, whereas many of us have tried to shift manic Monday to mellow Monday, to not have terrible but terrific Tuesday, to have wow Wednesday, thoughtful Thursday, fantastic or aloha Friday, and still take some time off on the weekend.

Many of us free thinkers might help create Mauitopia and enjoy a booming economy.

A decade ago, I wrote the pamphlet, or mini book “Creating Mauitopia: Making Maui a Real Paradise” (updated edition available for free at mauitopia.org) about the ideal society. As we re-open the economy, are you a free thinker?

Ori Kopelman



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