Paper mainstay of Maui, treat staff fairly, with care

I understand there are ongoing contract negotiations with Maui News journalists and want to share my hope that company executives can come to a fair and reasonable agreement to retain our journalists. The Maui News has been a mainstay of our Maui community for more than 100 years. It has been run with fairness and care for those who worked at the paper. In return, journalists have continued to provide our community with in-depth, up to date coverage of issues that are specifically important to Maui County.

We are in an unprecedented time of change and tumult. Community news that really matters can best be covered by journalists who are of the community. Many of our writers are born and raised on Maui, professionally trained, and have returned home to serve Maui County. Others have come to make Maui their home. 

In short, they care about our islands. A disenfranchised and reduced staff simply cannot provide the coverage needed to have informed and engaged citizens. Please treat our journalists fairly, pay a living wage and benefits, and allow them to continue covering the stories that will shape our future Maui County.

Kristina Lyons Lambert



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