Pay fair wage so reporters can do job

Local newspapers are pillars of democratic societies. Local newspapers inform citizens and support a sense of community.

Where local newspapers are absent, local governments pay more to borrow and municipal finances are more opaque. Historians turn to local newspapers to remember events long past and forgotten.

Print advertising revenue and print subscriptions have dropped sharply over the last two decades.

National newspaper holding companies, like the current owner of The Maui News, have pursued aggressive cost-cutting to deal with these changes.

But, this has required local journalists to do the impossible with less resources.

News does not gather itself, though. If you cut news from newspapers, you just end up with paper. Original reporting requires reporters.

Reporters require fair wages and benefits to allow them to focus their attention on getting the stories to us in a timely manner.

Ogden must pay its reporters a fair wage. If not, an option is to sell the paper back to our community. We’ll find a way.

Lance D. Collins



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