Flu was the direct cause of rise of Adolph Hitler?

“Hitler didn’t steal the power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people,” the pope was quoted in “The Great Influenza,” written by John M. Barry. But did you know that this flu was the direct cause of the rise of Adolph Hitler and World War II? Read the book.

Seems America is going through the same thing with POTUS. The pandemic of hate. One righter says Democrats are antifascist which means that Republicans would be fascists. Hitler was a fascist. Nein? Hitler built the Atlantic Wall to keep Germans in. POTUS built a wall to keep illegal aliens out. Sure, did not stop a plane of so-called extreme leftists from being seen by POTUS.

Pandemic will end in November. People need to hold out till then. Back to work. Schools opening. There is a vaccine for the virus. Captain Cook, look at what you did to Hawaiians. If only they had face masks, many more Hawaiians would still be alive.

Michael T. Matoi



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