County can’t afford charter amendments

Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and the closing of our main economic engine — the visitor industry. Close to a quarter of our population is lining up at the food distribution sites.

The cost of shipping through Young Brothers is going up nearly 50 percent; these costs will be passed on to the consumer, you.

Many people are accumulating huge debts as rent and mortgages go unpaid. The county will probably lose 25 percent or more of our income base.

Only a wealthy fool would create a new county department and a new county manager position now, with the added cost of paying for additional personnel, equipment and office space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a job, you will be called on to pay more taxes! After all, someone needs to pay those taxes.

These charter amendments are proposing to spend more money from an already stressed county budget.

If adopted, the additional department, as well as the county manager position, will add more complexity, cost and stress to an already complex and stressful time.

This council has already given their staff two raises and have added over 30 new positions.

Enough with the crazy spending! Vote no on the charter amendments you will see on the general election ballot and vote against the Ohana Coalition candidates who proposed these charter amendments and who want to take more money from your shrinking income.

It’s time to use common sense.

Alan Arakawa



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