Hornet’s nest stirred over managing director

It seems the hornet’s nest has been stirred.

So much misinformation has been spread recently about the proposed charter amendments, paid for by some dark money through a consultant from Nevada, that I had to speak up.

Adding a professional manager, educated in management, who would support the mayor and the council, would help Maui County move forward in this complex and crazy world.

Falsehoods are being spread.

False: You will vote your rights away. The mayor will lose all power over the executive branch to the managing director. The mayor will only be a ribbon cutter!

Truth: The elected mayor will continue as the county’s chief executive and will hire, fire and direct the managing director.

To create a more efficient, responsive government, the mayor will give the managing director explicit annual goals and objectives, which is how competently run organizations work.

These goal requirements created by the mayor would be carried out by the county manager and then cascade down through the department heads and departments. The mayor will assess the managing director’s job regularly.

Some people on Maui want to help create a more productive, efficient government, with a renewed sense of transparency and accountability. Others seem to want to remain with the good ol’ quagmire that we all know so well.

Please vote yes for managing director!

Susan Bradford



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