Hawaii requires reparations from the many who visit

Hawaii requires reparations. You visit her, take from her, leave your garbage, your carbon footprint and your racism. And she keeps giving, asking nothing in return. And that needs to stop, immediately!

Furloughs to public education in Hawaii are a violent act of systemic racism. There are racial disparities, marginalization and an ever-increasing achievement gap that you contribute to by visiting Hawai’i and capitalizing on Hawai’i’s brand.

Your vacation home drives up the cost of real estate so local people are forced to work three jobs and live in multigenerational homes to make ends meet. Their hard-working keiki are thrown into a system of public education that diminishes their capacity by design. Teachers are underpaid, underappreciated and understand that their jobs are always on the line.

Capitalism has always bred racism and Hawai’i is a casualty of war. In the quest for white supremacy, colonialism has ensured that students of color, local keiki, will continue to be underserved, defunded and marginalized because our state, and the people who visit our state and capitalize on our state are more concerned with the perpetuation of vacation than honoring the land and the people of the land who have, and continue to live, in right relations with the ‘aina.

If you visit Hawai’i, care about Hawai’i, profit from the exploitation and capitalization of Hawai’i, you need to invest in reparations so local students have the opportunity and access to excel and succeed.

Tia Lehua McLean



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