Social media should be treated as phone service

As an unapologetic Luddite who doesn’t use Facebook, has no idea how Twitter works and barely knows how to use email, I’m still very concerned with the awesome power to censor free speech that these giant social media companies have been granted.

Every American who values this fundamental building block of our democracy should be equally concerned. In fact, we should be terrified!

Imagine how you would feel if AT&T or Verizon monitored every conversation or every text message and then cancelled your account over something you said that they didn’t like. You would be outraged, regardless of their excuse or lame justification.

I cannot for the life of me see how these social media giants are any different from the phone company. They are either an open platform where even conversations and speech we may find abhorrent is allowed, or they are a publisher who can be sued.

Randolph S. Coon



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