Medical grade N95 masks most effective

A COVID-19 variant has been discovered on Oahu. Maui County Managing Director Sandy Baz stated that in addition to social distancing, getting together in outside open spaces, and washing hands, the

” . . . key prevention factor is the same, wear a mask.”

However, in an email addressed to the Citizens COVID-19 Coalition, Lt. Gov. Josh Green agreed that state and county leaders need to encourage residents to acquire and wear better masks, specifically N95 masks, and for counties to provide incentives to do so.

A new study cited by the New York Times states that “the risk of dying of B.1.1.7. is 35 percent higher than it is for other variants.” The study encourages “wearing effective masks . . .”

Medical-grade N95 masks are the most effective. Only purchase a certified N95 made by an approved manufacturer on the website of the CDC.

A subsidiary of Avery labels called ID&C is one such company. The company has accounts with many large hotels here in Hawai’i. You can order them online at idcband.com or, large amounts through corine@idcband.com.

Our senior citizens, police officers, bus drivers, county employees, hospital employees, retail employees, restaurant employees, etc., should all be wearing them now.

Mr. Mayor, it will take time to vaccinate enough residents to be safe. The county needs to help provide these masks to our kupuna, and, to provide incentives to our residents to purchase these more effective masks for themselves.

Maui employers should help ensure that their employees are wearing them as well.

Christopher P. Fishkin



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