Maui still ‘no ka ‘oi’ due to its people

With all the negative news lately about bad behavior throughout our country, it was so refreshing and reassuring to see the generous and kind place Maui is.

The stories about the Hana flag football team and the aftermath of the flooding in Ha’iku were so uplifting.

I especially loved the magnanimous attitude expressed by Ashlar McNeil of Maui Grown Organics, who lost her home, and asked for people to only give if they could. She didn’t want to “drain someone else of much-needed resources.”

I also want to thank the mayor and others who acted quickly to provide a place for the stranded Hana flag football team.

It’s wonderful to know that we live in a place that is not only beautiful because of the topography and weather, but more importantly, because of our people. Maui no ka ‘oi.

Paul Janes-Brown



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